Report from a competition held on the “Jegieł” fishery

28 May 2015
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Despite rather unpleasant weather (constant rain), the results of the competition were very good. Let me provide the results of the top six competitors: 1. Ziemniewicz Dariusz 25760, 2. Zajkowski Rafał 19360, 3. Grzelak Piotr 15440, 4. Zieliński Adam 13620, 5. Wysocki Jacek 13260, 6. Markowicz Wojciech 9840. The winner of the youth category...

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Fisoco at the latest VIII Open Siberian Bass Extreme tournament

22 May 2015

Open Siberia Bass Extreme is one of the most important black bass tournaments in Spain. All fishermen want to participate for two reasons: it is the first big event of the year and it is held in one of the most beautiful places to go fishing...

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Spain – Rio Ebro 2015

20 May 2015
Hiszpania – Rio Ebro 2015

The film shows our spring trip to the legendary RIO EBRO. More and more fish caught with our latest models of soft lures confirm their effectiveness. Of course, there were many more bites and more fish, but you can’t fit everything into such a short film....

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Protect your rods – Mikado tubes

19 May 2015

Apart from its monetary value, your favorite rod usually has an even greater sentimental value. As you invest more and more money in your angling equipment, it would be...

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Fan-shaped tracing

13 May 2015

The time of fishing with surface lures is coming quickly. You could even say that it’s already come in some places, even though the changeable weather and cold nights...

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Spring carps

3 May 2015

In the second half of April it got a little warmer and in many places the water reached the temperature which should bring about better feeding carps. The fishery I wanted...

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May giants, part 2

30 April 2015

Places. When spring comes, everyone feels like swallowing the first warm sun rays, warming their face by turning it towards the sun, resting. It’s nice to spend some time at the...

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May giants, part 1

29 April 2015

The 1st of May is a magic date for spinning enthusiasts. Most anglers associate it with the opening of the spinning, pike, or even generally the fishing season. The end...

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Slips and tricks – hooks and trebles

27 April 2015

Slips and tricks – it’s a series of texts in which I will try to point out some common angling mistakes. They are often a result of overhearing or seeing experiences of other...

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The best fishing spots in May

26 April 2015

Are you packed yet? Have you washed your rods, oiled the reels, changed the lines, placed the lures carefully in boxes, all of them waiting until they can get...

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Cod fishing with Mikado

24 April 2015

The offer of the fishing equipment introduced by Mikado Abramis has truly turned my head, so I couldn’t wait for new voyages where I could try out new pilkers. In March and...

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Fish in Rybnik

19 April 2015

Just a quick one… Initially I wanted to take a match rod, set off on Wednesday to the Rybnik power plant reservoir, but due to the weather the plan changed completely, since the rain and...

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