Mikado Front Line

2 December 2014

The sea “strongman” – Mikado Airspace Marine 6008 FD

14 December 2014

Every method requires properly adjusted equipment, and the set is only as strong as its weakest link. These two rules might seem simple and obvious, but as practice shows, following them isn’t always easy. For light and medium fishing a set with medium strength will...

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From a spinning enthusiast’s diary part 7: The sea adventure

29 November 2014

Now that’s a new place for me! I’m talking, of course, about the middle of the sea. Maybe not quite that, because in order to get the taste of the wealth of Swedish fisheries I had to cross the Baltic sea. But my angling experience with this huge...

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A November trip to the water

28 November 2014
Listopadowy wypad nad wode_1

In the second half of November I considered two options: go after carps, or follow the advice of Zbyszek and set off to a Slovakian dam reservoir with a spinning at hand. The...

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Topwater lures in late fall

28 November 2014

I have often mentioned that surface fishing is not only picturesque and exciting, but also really effective. It might seem that fall is the time when surface lures, or those...

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Spain Rio Ebro 2014

24 November 2014
Hiszpania Rio Ebro 2014

The film shows the group trip organized by MIKADO ABRAMIS. Carps, catfish, zanders: heaven on Earth!

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19 November 2014

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Components for protein balls production

17 November 2014

Producing your own protein balls has many advantages. It significantly lowers the costs of obtaining this selective carp bait. A fresh ball made just before the fishing trip is also...

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Fall fishing with Mikado spinning equipment

30 October 2014

The end of the year is a good time for fishing escapades and a great occasion to face really large predators. In cooler water, full of oxygen, fish search for food actively...

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Seven days on EBRO

30 October 2014

We accepted the invitation from ABRAMIS and on September 30th, late in the evening, we arrived at Playas de Chacon near Caspe, which for the next few days was to be our...

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Mikado Nihonto TT Zander 220cm up to 18g – first tests

29 October 2014

Mikado has been undergoing dynamic development and rapid expansion of its offer. Enthusiasts of carp, float, and other methods of fishing have plenty to choose from. From my own, spinning-oriented,...

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Ebro 2014

27 October 2014

2014 has been a year of very dynamic development for our company. Many factors have contributed to the success, we definitely wouldn’t have achieved so much if it wasn’t for our trade...

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