Test of Mikado carp hooks

28 August 2015

On this trip we had the opportunity to test all elements of final rigs: hooks, leaders, lures, as well as work out a few technical details before the upcoming trip to a competition in France. We have planned this trip for a long time. We had a choice between a large dam reservoir close to where I live, and a picturesque gravel pit, where I caught a few nice...

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Mikado’s offset worm hooks

25 August 2015

Mikado’s offset worm hooks are available in stores. The new offset worm hooks have already become a bestseller.

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Hungarian test of new Mikado carp rods

10 August 2015

We had to cross 500 kilometers to get to the bank of a Hungarian dam reservoir. It’s about 200 ha of a typical carp water. Apart from carps and grass carps there is a significant population of catfish here. The average depth is about 4 meters with a layer of mud on...

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New T-shirts by Mikado

7 August 2015

New t-shirts produced by Mikado are now available in good fishing stores. They are made of 100% high quality cotton.

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“Cheburashka” by Mikado

5 August 2015

We are happy to announce that “Cheburashka” jig heads from Mikado are now available. 

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Furyo, Sasori, Cray Fish, Tsubame – new soft lures by Mikado

4 August 2015

New soft lures produced by Mikado – Furyo, Sasori, Cray Fish, Tsubame – are already available in fishing stores. The lures are scented with a shrimp attractor and contain salt.

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Mikado Fishunter TT

13 July 2015

Fishunter is a flagship Mikado soft lure. There is probably no angler who likes soft lures that does not have at least a few Fishunters in his tackle box. The reason...

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Tests of the new Mikado catfish equipment

8 July 2015

This is the end of our adventure on the beautiful water. Over the last few days we have had plenty of adventures, some good ones and some less pleasant ones....

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Zegrze is a beautiful water full of fish

3 July 2015

Zegrze is a beautiful water full of fish. This first sentence brings so much joy. I smile whenever I think of it. Recently I was going fishing with my good friends Jacek. The...

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Croatian carps

1 July 2015

Croatia is, above all, the Adriatic – with crystal clear water, beautiful beaches, many picturesque tourist towns and the weather that never fails. It’s a perfect place to spend holidays in....

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From a spinning enthusiast’s diary part 8 – May piking

25 June 2015

Despite the great popularity of asp, the pike, especially a large specimen, is still the dream of every predator hunter. It’s enough to see how many of us go across the...

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Competition on Dębowa

20 June 2015
dębowa 1

The Dębowa Reservoir is a cult carp fishery, well-known to every carp enthusiast. The Polish Carp Championship and other prestigious carp fishing competitions have taken place on this 60-ha water for...

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