Swingfish – a new soft lure in the Mikado family

18 September 2014

Browsing through the contents of my vast lure boxes and following the emergence of new products online, I sometimes feel that everything has already been invented and developed with the use of the most sophisticated materials. Just then, another new product appears on the market, and it clearly proves just how wrong I was. The same...

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Eight-Braid Line from Mikado – Nihonto Octa Braid

9 September 2014

The world of fishing equipment is constantly evolving and moving forward at high speed. Sometimes I have the impression that in our overly-exploited water only the constant use of technological novelties and an unusual approach to fishing will enable you not to leave the fishery empty-handed. Many...

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The time of Fishunter

31 August 2014

Fall is around the corner. Over the last few day we could already feel it. Especially nights and mornings will give you goose bumps. Even though the days are still warm and sunny, moments of coldness mean that water temperature in most bodies of water...

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The tactics of baiting

30 August 2014

The aim of baiting is to get the fish to come to our fishery. Effective baiting has to follow a careful inspection of the fishery and a precise choice of the baiting technique. Such typical...

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Dragging out or hauling out 2

30 August 2014

Competitive anglers and other anglers who do pole fishing cannot imagine using a put-over pole without first arming it with a rubber shock absorber. This seemingly prosaic piece of elastic lets you...

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Polish Representation sponsored by Mikado Won the Second Place in the World Championships!

27 August 2014

The World Championship in Float Fishing in the teenage categories (cadets U-14, juniors U-18 and youth U-23) took place on July 25th and 26th in Assen (the Netherlands). Our...

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Dragging out or hauling out

26 August 2014

A put-over pole (often known simply as a pole) and pole fishing make up one of the most effective methods. A float located right below the tip opens a wide range of possibilities...

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Catfish from the Zegrzyński Reservoir

21 August 2014

A young angler, Dominik Rosiak, can be very proud of his beautiful catch. Here is the photo and the description of the hunt sent by Dominik: “I caught the fish from a boat...

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Tempting fish on the slope

18 August 2014

For many of us, fishing in still waters is much more difficult than looking for fish in rivers. Running waters reveal quite a lot on their surface and an angler...

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Tapered Leaders

17 August 2014

A tapered leader is one of the elements of the final rig, placed between the main line and the leader of the rig. The tapered leader is typically used in...

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Summer asping

12 August 2014

The middle of hot summer is not the best time for asp hunting. However, while waiting for the October hunts for the large asps, it’s a good idea to practice the...

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Summer Catfish in Vistula

6 August 2014

I have far too little time to fish this year. It’s difficult to find a whole day, not to mention a longer trip to spend the night at the water. Even preparing a few days’ trip takes...

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