A Sunny Alternative 3

22 July 2014

For rudds, sun rays are a kind of sign or an impulse that motivates them to start to wander in search of food. Shallower areas of lakes, clay pits or gravel pits, as well as places with warmer water and more vegetation, are the spots that rudds love to visit. And exactly at noon, when other fish usually...

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Zig Rig

22 July 2014

In our climate July is one of the hottest months of the year. In such warm conditions carps feed at night or early in the morning, if they feed at all. During the day most of them stay in the water at various depths,...

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Surface Fishing in Lakes

19 July 2014

The lifecycle of fish is dictated by two very important instincts. One of them is connected to reproduction and comes to the fore only from time to time. The second, linked to survival, that is the necessity to get food, determines most of the lifetime of living organisms. Fish get...

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Mikado Rotunda 4008 FD Reel Test

8 July 2014

Mikado’s offer for 2014 is, to put it mildly, very rich. I have to admit that when looking through the catalogue for 2014 in the winter I could feel my eyes light up...

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Head lamps

7 July 2014

AML01-5911 CREE 3W head lamp Professional head lamp equipped with modern light source – “HIGH POWER CREE” 3 Watt diode. Powered by three AA batteries, weighs 125g. Provides beam vertical...

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EFTTEX 2014 – Mikado’s new products

4 July 2014

Check out a short film from the Mikado stand during this year’s European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition EFFTEX 2014, which took place in Brussels. A series of one- and two-piece spinning...

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Mikado ROTUNDA reel

3 July 2014

Innovative reel with precise front drag system. Excellent rotor made of “7075” – stiff aluminium and zinc alloy, originates from the legendary AIRSPACE model. The body is made of...

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Mikado BLACK ROTOR reel

3 July 2014

State-of-the-art reel with front drag system, excellent for spinning, coarse or float fishing. Black Rotor features a characteristic rotor structure – both rotor arms are joined by a stiffening basket made of...

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A Sunny Alternative II

30 June 2014

Just like I revealed earlier, my favorite sunny alternative for some time now has been the rudd. Personally, I’m not a fan of heat but I had the impression that rudds, on...

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Chubs from Small Rivers

28 June 2014

“Large water – large fish” – this is the common view, and it’s hard not to admit that the people who follow this rule and focus on the largest available...

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A Sunny Alternative

26 June 2014

When taking part in competitions and recreational trips I got to know the great variety of Polish fisheries. Looking carefully at the shore line, the shape of the bottom, the depth...

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Nihonto Octa Braid Line

25 June 2014

Modern angling braided lines made of the highest quality of microfibers precisely braided in a perfectly round shape. Extremely soft, they lie on the reel spool perfectly and allow for...

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