Neoprene chest waders from Mikado

22 February 2015

I have mentioned the importance of choosing the appropriate angling clothing in many of my articles, both when it comes to fishing in the cold seasons and in the warmer ones. I think that the right choice of clothes may be a decisive factor in your angling success. Without thermal comfort there is no way to focus on precise...

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Slips and tricks – braided lines

18 February 2015

Slips and tricks are the texts in which I will try to point out the most common mistakes made by anglers. Personally, I am a keen spinning, ice fishing, and sea fishing angler, so I will focus on these areas. Perhaps thanks to slips and tricks you will be able to take...

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A short ice fishing season

16 February 2015

After a very long wait the weather has finally made it possible to step onto the ice. Small and shallow bodies of water were the first ones to freeze and they are the most secure fisheries. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not fair and while in some parts...

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16 February 2015

At high noon on January 31st a professional store for carp enthusiasts was opened in Tychy. Many carp specialists, not just from our region but also from further away, came...

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Rybomania 2015

11 February 2015

On February 6th-8th an angling fair called Rybomania took place in Poznań. Naturally, we had to be there – we will present a full report from this angling holiday soon, but for now...

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Nihonto Salmon 300

27 January 2015

This rod was created especially for fishing trout, seatrout and salmon in mid to large European rivers. Thanks to it’s Nano Resin based construction it offers an immense amount of power,...

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Sleepy fish from cold water

27 January 2015

I’m standing on the bank of a small river. The water flows lazily over the rocks on the bottom. Where should I fish? Does it even make sense to try? After all,...

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Winter at the Rybnik reservoir

22 January 2015

The Rybnik reservoir is one of the few where fishing carp is possible all year round. In the summer the whole body of water is equally attractive, in the...

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Nihonto TT Zander for… trout

19 January 2015

There has been no winter, and it seems that it won’t come at all. I have already made my peace with this fact. It’s a pity, because I had ambitious plans for...

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An ice fishing kit

7 January 2015

I don’t know about you, but towards the end of the season my thoughts were already on the ice. I was sitting by an ice hole, searching for winter perches, roaches and...

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A year of new products behind us… and ahead of us!

30 December 2014

The turning of the year is not only the time of Christmas and meetings in the family, but also New Year resolutions. The time of summing up and verifying...

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Colorful bubble floats

27 December 2014

For the most part, carps use their sense of smell and taste to find food. Smell helps them locate the source of potential food, while taste is used to pinpoint its...

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