Summer on the water

Published by: Adam Stomski

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October 4, 2018

Summer on the water

The end of summer vacation doesn’t have to mean the end of your adventures, so this last weekend my daughter and I went on a little carp fishing trip. We packed up our things and went on our way. We got there in the afternoon so we set up camp, unpacked and Oliwia started to put together rigs. She loves to put lures on the hair and tie hooks without using knots :). She go the hang of it quickly and I have to admit she’s gotten really good.

imageAfter we got the rigs in the fishery all we had to do was wait.

imageThe first day wasn’t very lucky… but we had fire roasted potatoes to keep us company at least.

imageThe morning started with a bite and we had our first fish out of the water in just a few minutes.



imageimageWe caught the next fish using method feeder and we were so happy. It’s priceless to see you child excitedly pulling a fish on to the mat.


We were able to squeeze in a few fishing trips these summer. I’m always so happy when I can take my kid with me, teach her a few things and try to instill in her this incredible passion that is carp fishing.

image image

September came very suddenly and it was time to put our carp fishing gear in the corner and replace it with a book bag. We hope the weather will be nice enough that we can go on some more adventures together in the fall.

Adam Stomski

Mikado Fishing Team



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