The brand new 2019 Mikado Catalogue is out

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November 9, 2018

The brand new 2019 Mikado Catalogue is out

The newest Mikado catalogue for 2019 season is out there and ready to download!

There are lots of new products in the catalogue, made for any angling technique you can dream of. Do not hesitate and check what you will find on shelves in 2019. The catalogue is a fruit of a restless work and invaluable dedication of the entire team that designed, assembled and tested the equipment. Countless hours were spent to make sure that next seasons’ range is even more diverse and alluring. Our Total Fishing motto isn’t just a slogan after all.

Quality, high-tech and amazing specs remain our main goals during the design process of any fishing equipment.

This year, the 2019 is a very special time for us as Mikado is turning 30. In order to celebrate that round anniversary we prepared some truly remarkable items. Signature rod series made specifically for that occasion stand out with their high quality; being a true jewel of any anglers’ toolbox, they will easily become an obligatory piece of equipment no matter the technique and style. Limited edition of the LX Sapphire rods and sophisticated Katsudo Slim pole designed with a support of the entire Polish National Team, are particularly eye catching.

We put a lot of effort to make sure that the new catalogue has it all and fulfills all the possible angling desires. That includes the reels as well. Among the items that definitely cannot be missed there is a Norway Quest M-Skrei reel, designed to endure the toughest weather and sea conditions, Black Crystal Cat reel - the technological marvel made for catfish angling, Method Feeder Katsudo runner reel perfect for the carp quests and Carp Temptation reel.

No attention was spared when it comes to the lures either. Saira and Fishhunter top series gained a fresh design. There is also a complete novelty, never seen on a market before– the M-Shad lure with an incredibly realistic look granted by the use of a 3D coating.

New season means new horizons and completely new areas to explore – that is totally applicable to Mikado; having started some really exciting cooperation, we are pleased to introduce some of the most advanced, newest-technology solutions to our offer. Partnerships with Garmin and BKK cast a new light on our range, making us convinced that not only the quality of the angling time of our customers will peak, but also their results will go through the roof.

There is no need to wait for a new season to check out the new tools, when the 2019 offer is already there. To make sure that you can scoop all the items you need from the shelves first thing next year, go straight to the online catalogue covering it all – available HERE.

Shortly before the Christmas at the wholesalers’ and in the outlets, the hard copy of the catalogue will pop up, as it is being printed right at the moment – to make sure that you have all the latest news, including the current status of the catalogue production, follow us on a Facebook.



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