Mikado Cup 2019

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June 6, 2019

Mikado Cup 2019

Report from the Surfcasting Mikado Cup 2019, a part of the GPx of Poland cycle, that took place at the beaches of Ustka, Dębina and Rowy between 31/05-2/06/2019.

Surfcasting Mikado Cup 2019 taking place in Ustka became a part of history now. This year two local branches of PAA from Słupsk and Ustka – Miasto organized the competition; Mikado became a general sponsor of the event. In total 39 contestants took part in the cup, held in the live fish formula.


First day of the competition (Friday) began after an official welcome ceremony and a short briefing, at 5:00 pm and came to an end at 10:00 pm. That day of the contest was accompanied by a rather strong, west wind; Dębina and Rowy fisheries, on top of that, had lots of weeds floating around, making angling even more difficult. Nevertheless, anglers were fighting vigorously and the first run brought many score-worthy fish. After the first round the scoreboard looked as following:

- Sector A (Ustka) - 42 fish were caught, top score: Grzegorz Krężel from the Mikado Total Fishing;

- Sector B (Dębina) - 38 fish were caught, top score Arkadiusz Kąkol;

- Sector C (Rowy) - 23 fish were caught, top score Andrzej Jaworek.

After the first round and a well-deserved supper, everyone went to get some rest.


Next day brought much calmer winds and, as a consequence – much better overall result. Contestants clashed once again, just as the day before, commencing the competition at 5:00 pm and finishing it at 10:00 pm

After that day the scores were as following:

- Sector A - 37 fish were caught, top score Andrzej Jaworek;

- Sector B - 57 fish were caught, top score Grzegorz Krężel;

- Sector C - 43 were caught, top score Maciej Kamiński

After an all-day-long angling, all the contestants went to the competition headquarters for an integration-barbecue supper, where (what was a big surprise for all contestants) the unofficial results were shared straight away.


Official award ceremony took place the next day at 9:30 am. At the same time the final results of this year’s Surfcasting series were shared. The ceremony was honoured with a presence of the Deputy Mayor of Ustka, mr. Rafał Kuleba, President of the PAA, mr. Teodor Rudnik, President of the PAA Słupsk, mr. Zdzisław Ardzijewski, President of PAA Ustka – Miasto mr. Waldemar Kobylczak and representatives of the Mikado (general sponsor): Łukasz Wierzbicki and Jacek Zakrzewski.
The official winner of the competition was Grzegorz Krężel from the MIKADO TOTAL FISHING


Our sincere congratulations to the winner and to all anglers taking part in competition, that fought so bravely despite unfavourable conditions.

Exact results can be found HERE.

Stanisław Szymański
Mikado Fishing Team

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