Sicario ML not only for zanders – kayak fishing

Published by: Jose Augusto Correia Rego

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November 14, 2018

Have you ever had a chance to try kayak fishing? Those who had, will surely agree that is an extremely exciting technique that adds a bit of adrenaline to a regular angling. Our Portuguese tester Ze Rego perfected that method using it among the others, to angle for black bass. His most efficient weapon, when it comes to sunfish angling is an ever-reliable trio made of sophisticated looking and incredibly sturdy Sicario ML rod, Black Crystal reel and never-failing Saira. Watching the footage form the Ze Rego kayak expedition pay close attention to a perfect action of the rod and a beautiful deflexion of the blank. Hard to focus on anything else and notice what’s going on in the water.

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Sicario ML


Sicario ML

Are you looking for a rod that can handle both fishing for perch with a 5 gram jig head and catching zander using a much heavier rig? If so, Sicario ML is the perfect fit for you. It has an incredibly light and sensitive 40T carbon blank with light, high-footed guides and a Fuji reel seat. Don’t let...
Saira / 347


Saira / 347

Previously used mainly for drop-shotting, this lure type is now used in a variety of ways - with a jig head, or in vertical jigging. What makes the Saira so successful is the ribbed body. It also possesses a cut underside, so it can be fished with an offset hook.
Black Crystal


Black Crystal

You know the saying: the mechanism is only that strong as is its weakest part? In the Black Crystal range we managed to limit the chance of having "weakest part" to "0". No nasty surprises during fishing trips. Incredibly strong, duraluminium body is the basis here. Dural has also been used to produ...
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