Biggest fish hauling during competition on the Warta river

You are Mikado / mikado-tv


October 15, 2018

A real angler is not necessarily the one who catches the biggest fish but rather the one who puts all his heart into angling.
The truth behind this statement is exemplified by our testers’ Piotr Piasecki and Arkadiusz Chudy actions during the latest competition that took place in Nowe Miasto on the Warta river.
They came in first and second and were both honored for the biggest fish caught. But they also did something more important and exceptional: they decided to pass their prize (angling equipment) on to the Juniors who were competing also competing at the time in Nowe Miasto. The youngsters were very surprised and happy. The guys’ decision was widely appreciated and commended. We also admire their actions and are very proud to have such nice people on our team.
Watch the video showing Arek Chudy fight with the catfish that became the “Big Fish” of the competition.


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