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October 2, 2018

High quality and attention to details are qualities that Mikado has always considered paramount and we always take them into account when choosing our business partners. We are one hundred percent confident in ours choice to combine forces with BKK - we knew we were entering a partnership with a leader in the hook market.
Today we’re proud to announce that starting September 2018 Mikado will be the sole distributor of BKK hooks in Central Europe.
Black King Kong is a company with a proud tradition. It has existed for nearly 100 years and their hooks have conquered both Chinese and foreign markets and won many awards.
Raptor Z is a good example - it was chosen as the best treble hook in Australia. Hand ground edge, a smaller welding point and the removal of material from the ring have made the hook lighter and ensured that it has less influence on the movement of the lure.
BKK hooks are durable, sharp and innovative and now you can get them from Mikado!


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