Jacket UMB-101



Made from an incredibly light and elastic material, which ensures waterproofness and durability. Thanks to 3000h/m2/24h breathability it pushes moisture to the outside keeping you dry and comfortable in harsh weather conditions. Two side and one front pocket with waterproof zippers are great for storing any accessories you need at hand, while thanks to the special design you can fish or do any sporting activities with ease. Available in two versions. Properties: • 5000mm waterproof • 3000 g/m2/24h breathability • Microfleece inner lining • Reiforced water protectant zippers • Velcro sleeves with lycra lining • Available in two colors, with carp and zander embroidery

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Aperio is a family of new generation method feeders, designed and engeneered by Mikado team in response to the latest requirements of anglers due to the popularization of this type of fishing. This specific feeder was developed to be extremely simple to use. Creating this item we had also another target – to eliminate all weak points of other, existing on the market feeders. First of all we decided to go on with open type of feeder. Acoording to our experience and many hours of testing samples we noticed, that fishing with open type of feeder is much more effectice that hoops type. Oher advantages of Aperio feeders are : 1. The possibility of fishing with feeder using groundbait mould or without it. Feeder proportions as well as height of sides were designed so that the angler can freely and quickly fill the groundbait inside the feeder. 2. The sides are inclined a little to the middle direction – it keeps the groundbait better inside the feeder. 3. Tray for hook. Bait placed on a tray remains perfectly presented during fishing. 4. Easy threading monofilmanent thru the feeder. Inside, silicone tube enables fast and simply threading of the main line and at the same time, protects it while fishing. 5. The ability to fish with on-line feeder as well as fixed one. APERIO is fitted with a special socket holding swivel what allows to use it as fixed type. Placing an rubber stoper between the feeder and the swivel makes the feeder on-line one. 6. Special holes to help groundbait work faster.

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