Mikado Airspace Reel

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This exceptional reel is produced from metal and contains no graphite composite elements. The rotor and the bail arm are made of a specialist, extremely strong and resistant to mechanical damage aluminium alloy 7075, also composed of zinc, 1.5% copper and some silicon, iron, manganese, titanium and chromium.


Its relatively high cost limits its use to applications where only the best-quality alloys are suitable, such as production of American M-16 machine-guns or elements of aircraft fighters.


Another original solution is a two-part construction of the rotor. It makes it possible to treat both parts with extreme precision and to anodize them separately.

What makes the reel a true innovation is the lack of screws on the outside of the reel, lack of side body covers and an original construction of the spool axis zip, thanks to which the thickness of the reel body is less than 12 mm!


The end result of the perforated rotor and spool construction and the use of the aluminium alloy 7075 is an extremely stiff and strong, yet very light, reel. Furthermore, you can easily oil the main axis and the bearing without taking the reel apart.

NameModelCodeGear RatioBall bearingsLine capacity (mm/m)
Airspace2008 FDKDA046-2008FD5.2:17+10.18/235 0.22/150 0.25/115
3008 FDKDA046-3008FD5.2:17+10.22/225 0.25/175 0.30/120
4008 FDKDA046-4008FD5.2:17+10.25/210 0.25/175 0.30/120

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