Mikado Airspace 4008 FD Reel Test

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We would like to present the results of a test of the MIKADO AIRSPACE reel, conducted by an independent fishing portal FISHING-TEST.PL, a direct link to the Airspace reel test available on the fishing-test.pl website.

Mikado has prepared an interesting offer for anglers for the 2013 season: a new reel with a name related to space exploration, Airspace. This reel is intriguing due to the look alone. How will it work in water? Responding to our readers’ requests, we present the proud product of Mikado. We’d love you reviews as well.

General qualities

Mikado Airspace is a reel made entirely out of metal. The producer doesn’t directly suggest what kind of method it is recommended for. The entire series is represented by three available sizes (2008, 3008, and 4008). We focused on the largest model. The reel was used for spinning on countless kilometers of the lovely Odra river.

Mikado Airspace 4008 FD

Quality and production value

Mikado will get some positive opinion at the very beginning, simply for the reel’s presentation. We receive the product in an aesthetic-looking box, with a see-through top part of the cover. You can’t resist the impression that this equipment costs quite a lot. Airspace certainly intrigues with its looks. Such a construction of the body is very rare and we have to admit that it is impressive. On the water it attracts a lot of interest from other anglers. The interesting color scheme draws your eyes. The candy pink may not be to everyone’s liking, though, so it would be great if there was another color option available, e.g. black instead of pink.
The 4008 model is not large. Compared to the reels of other producers, the difference in the size of the products is visible. Here Airspace is, one could say, quite small. 

Airspace has no screws whatsoever

Narrow construction of the body

Handy drag knob with regulation

We have no reservations about the quality of laying the line. Mikado Tsubame Pike 0.2 mm monofilament on the spool

The mechanism to slow down reverse rotation is placed on the bottom of the body

Full Metal Body

After taking the knob off…

No reservations about the roll that leads the line

Comfortable knob handlePoręczny uchwyt korbki

What strikes you at the very beginning is the execution. The reel has no screws whatsoever. What’s more, we won’t find even one element made of plastic. The narrow body is made of metal completely (information about the components used for production is available on the producer’s website). Literally everything is made from metal alloys – even the screw that counters the know and the masking covers. Even so, the reel is not heavy. The quality of workmanship is of really high level; you can tell that the producer paid a lot of attention to it.

Futuristic build of the body is very impressive

Visible button to fold the handle quickly

The handle shaped like space equipment is equipped with a fast folding mechanism that is placed in a very smart way. It makes transporting the equipment to the river much easier. We can hide the reel in the holdall without any problem. The know handle is covered with soft material (foam) and remains stable in the angler’s hand. The mechanism that slows down reverse rotations is placed on the bottom of the reel.
The set consists of two spool from a metal alloy. The main and the spare spool both have the same capacity. The spools are deep (they can hold 210m of monofilament with the diameter of 0.25 mm). They only differ in color. The drag knob works well and has significant regulation.
Just like with other futuristically-shaped reels, here we can also see that the mechanisms can be more easily contaminated than in classically-shaped reels. Mikado Airspace looks very interesting. It’s now time to test it is water. Let’s check if the pruduct is worth its price.

The spare spool (differs from the main one only in color)

The rotor after the spool has been taken off

The dial that controls the know was also made form metal alloy

Use of the reel

The producer doesn’t clearly state what the reel should be used for. Three sizes (and we should add that even the largest model is not very bid) suggest that spinning will be the optimal use. It will be used in light and medium fishing.

Mikado Airspace 4008 FD on Inazuma X-Plode Zander 215


Airspace reel works lightly and smoothly. The work culture didn’t change much even when used extensively. You can feel the transmission slightly (mostly under heavier load) but that’s not really a problem. The give in the knob is significant. The bail works very lightly and silently from the beginning. The line is placed evenly. The roll that leads the line doesn’t make a noise. You can regulate the drag in a wide range of power. It releases the line evenly and smoothly. The producer didn’t add a rubber seal to the drag knob that would protect it against water because that would be pointless.
Operating the reel is very pleasant. It’s not heavy and we feel the comfort of fishing thanks to 8 bearings (including a one way clutch). There’s no need to additionally oil the mechanisms (though we could oild the main axis and the bearing without taking anything apart).
We fished with this reel both using light lure and heavy. It also went through intense May asp and pike hunting. We didn’t feel significant difference in the work of the internal mechanisms. It endured circumstances in which it had to work with dignity. We didn’t have any situation when the line was dragged under the spool. 

Despite the fact that we have the largest available model, it’s not a big product (considering comparable ones from other producers). All the available sizes have the same body, the only differ in the size of the spool and rotor. The transmission of the reel is optimal and equals 5:2:1.
We should take special care of Airspace. We can’t let contaminants to get inside it. Of course it is protected against it in a way, but the dust, sand and water that is everywhere can lead to damage. It will withstand rain, but full immersion can cause a problem.


This is a big surprise. The look of the reel, its construction and materials used can make a customer worry about the price of the product. But the price of Mikado Airspace is in the range between 220-240 PLN. The price is really attractive. Congratulations to the producer.

General impression

This is a very interesting item in Mikado’s offer. The reel intrigues with its looks but it also surprised with the work culture and price. It will work great in spinning. Due to the specific construction it will require more attention during usage. With proper usage it will serve you for a few seasons. Mikado did a great job here. The beginning of the 2013 season has been very good. We recommend the reel. For the price and the quality of workmanship we choose it for the editor’s award.

FINAL GRADE: points:

Mikado Airspace 4008 FD ocena

         Quality/execution         Price             Usage                       Work      General Impression    Average Grade

Advantages                              Disadvantages                             
- intriguing, modern look, 
- quality of exacution,
- sttractive price,
- work,
- light weight,
- none,

The technology of assembling the Airspace reel requires using specialist glue while connecting the cover and set screw. In the first batch of the reels there have been items in which the glue had not been applied in the factory, which caused the set screw to unscrew when the reel was working. After our intervention, all subsequent batches have been carefully checked with regards to this issue and all such instances have been eliminated. If you bought a reel from the first batch in which the screw gets loose, please return the reel at the point of sales or send it to our service; all the fees will be covered by the company. Our sales team has all the necessary tools and will immediately remove the defect at the point of sales. In the case of sending the reel to our service, it will be sent back the same day and its work will remain smooth.

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