Inazuma X-Plode Zander and Flash Zander

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Among the many new products prepared by Mikado for 2012 you can find two specialist series of rods: Inazuma X-Plode Zander and Inazuma Flash Zander. As the name suggests, the rods are designed for zander fishing using the “fall” technique, but they can also be used for other fish. Thanks to the latest Nano-Resin technology the rods have new and unparalleled parameters. Their greatest assets are their lightness, their amazing speed and the perfect transference of whatever is happening with the lure to your hand. What is more, they are armed with Fuji components, which results in an extraordinary rod with high parameters.

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The Inazuma series is divided in two parts: Flash is the standard version of a two-part spinning rod, available in the following lengths – 198, 210 and 240 cm; X-Plode is a series of modern monoblanks available in two lengths: 198 and 215 cm, and the casting weight is no more than 30 gram. In order to satisfy even the most discerning customers, Mikado produced all lengths both on Eva foam and on classic Portuguese cork. The entire series is made of 10 items, so there are plenty of options to choose from!


I work as a fishing guide, so I teach anglers how to catch zanders and perches successfully. In order to do that, however, certain basic conditions need to be fulfilled. One of them is the equipment, and more specifically the choice of the rod, which greatly affects your success in fishing. A good zander rod should be sensitive, fast, and have a lot of give to it. Its light weight, which increases the comfort of all-day fishing, is another great advantage.


I have been testing two Inazuma X-Plode Zander rods for a few months: a 198 cm long one on Eva foam and a 215 cm long one on classic Portuguese cork. I can already say that these rods are fantastic for catching these difficult fish, especially for those anglers who are only starting their zander adventure, or have not had much experience in jigging or using soft lure.

These short one-piece rods become the extension of the angler’s arm and as a result they offer amazing possibilities for presenting the lure. They are indeed very light, so using them all day won’t make you tired, and their speed allows you to hook up the zander’s hard mouth and they are so powerful that hauling fish by force has never been easier.

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Paweł GARBUS Kołodziejczyk

Weight (g)SectionsTrans.
INAZUMA FLASH ZANDER (CORK)WAA068C-1981981432105do 30
 WAA068C-2102101492110do 30
 WAA068C-2402401602125do 30
INAZUMA FLASH ZANDER (EVA)WAA068E-1981981122105≤ 30
 WAA068E-2102101182110≤ 30
 WAA068E-2402401292125≤ 30
INAZUMA X-PLODE ZANDER (CORK)WAA069C-1981981341198≤ 30
 WAA069C-2152151441215≤ 30
INAZUMA X-PLODE ZANDER (EVA)WAA069E-1981981101198≤ 30
 WAA069E-2152151201215≤ 30

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